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Would you like to write for us?  If you have an article that you would like to share that relates to Business Ideas let us know!  We are interested in having fresh, relevant content for our website but we do have a few rules:

  • The content must be relevant to our topic here at BusinessIdeasForBeginners.net.
  • You may not use any body of text that is published elsewhere on the web.  Any articles that you ask us to publish will be checked at Copyscape.com to verify the articles’ uniqueness and originality.
  • Your article must be at least 300 words.
  • You agree upon submitting your article to us that we have full ownership of the article and that you will not republish that content anywhere else on the internet.
  • You agree that we may edit the submitted article, or add to it, as we deem necessary.
  • You agree that we retain full discretion as to whether or not we publish your article.  We do have certain quality standards and may decide not to publish your article.  We will notify you whether we use the article or not but we do not have to give you a reason as to why we chose not to publish your article.

What you get in return for your original 300+ word article submitted to BusinessIdeasForBeginners.net:

  • You are allowed to add as many as two (2) Hyper-links to your article.  These links may point back to a website of your choosing but we reserve the right to reject an article based on the website(s) being linked to.  A typical reason for us not wanting to link to a webpage is unrelated/inappropriate subject matter on that webpage.
  • You may add these two links anywhere in the article you see fit and feel comfortable knowing that we will not edit your anchor text or change it in any way.  But if the anchor text does not flow well with the article, we reserve the right to reject the article.  Additionally, we will not change the links in the future but there is no guarantee that we will always be the owners/managers of this site and therefore cannot promise that a future owner of BusineesIdeasForBeginners.net would not decide to edit the content on its pages.

If you agree to the terms above and you wish to submit your article for revision as a possible blog post for BusinessIdeasForBeginners.net, then feel free to contact us using the submission form below.  We will likely respond within 24 hours.

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