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Starting a Business on Etsy

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Creating a business from scratch can be easier when you have an alternative platform to sell your products. It will lower the cost of your startup venture while decreasing the risk and making it more enjoyable. One way of doing this is starting a business on Etsy.

You’ll need to start by deciding what product you’re selling. The website only allows you to sell items you have either made yourself, or are vintage. So having a clear idea will help you create a company profile. Create around 10 to 20 items to sell before opening your shop, as this way you can gauge the success of the early business stages.

You’ll need to name your online store, though this is easier said than done. Try to pick something that will both stand out, and create a simple image of what you sell. There are a lot of people out there that think this is an easy task, leaving it till the last minute. But it’s far from simple. Be sure to read up on how to name your new business and avoid making the same mistakes as other failed companies.

Once you have a name and some products to sell, you can now register your business with Etsy. This is a simple procedure but remember that your user name will be included in the URL. Etsy will then ask you to enter Paypal details.

When you register it’s important to fill out your company information. Include as much as possible and add your location. Many shoppers will look for how far their purchases will need to travel before they’re received. Included in the company information section will be policies. You can fill this out with a clear image of what your policies are, but it’s always good to check other companies on the website. Especially the more successful business policies, as these companies have created a positive following.

Once you have completed your company information, it’s now time to list your items. Before placing them online take some photos. You will be given five image slots for each item, so be sure to take full advantage of every option. Take shots from different angles and give shoppers the chance to see their full potential.

Enter the products under ‘your Etsy’ and enter the description, search tags, shipping cost and price. This information can be edited for up to 90 days, so if you make a mistake on first attempt, it can be changed. The more precise the information the more likely you are to hit your target audience.

When an item is sold Etsy will send you an e-mail notification. You will now have to package up the sold product, double check the address and send it. This sale will mean adding to your Etsy fees, which are paid at the end of every month.

Many entrepreneurs start out by creating online profiles and selling their products. And Etsy is just one of the many sites offering newcomers a platform. Be sure to take full advantage of the service they offer and advertise your business at every opportunity.

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