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Getting Started In A Financial Services Career

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Do you like to deal with money and help people with their finances?  Then you might be a good fit for getting into a financial services career.  In this article I’m going to show you just what to do to get started in this career feild and what it will really takes for you to be successful.

Education. With most companies they have all together different requirements when it comes to how they hire people.  Some companies will require you have a bachlors degree and the whole nine yards while other companies like World Financial Group will require you to have no prior skills but instead will be trained in house by thier own representatives.

The Company. The next thing to look into is the company you want to work with.  Some companies specialize in certain areas, for example World Financial Group mostly deals with helping families with their finances and setting up investments and other financial products like life insurance.  Then their are other companies like TD Ameritrade that specialize in buying stocks and doing stock trading specifically.

To know which company you would like to work for start out by searching online to see exactly what kind of services these companies offer. You will also want to see what kind of record these companies have as well by searching their records as well.  You can also do searches on the internet for reviews of these companies as well.  In fact I did a search for World Financial Group and found an article on a WFG scam.  This could become valuable information to know just what kind of company they really are.

Licensing. Finally the last thing you need to do is consider the type of liscening you will need to acquire. For some companies you will need to have a series 7 license to trade stocks, or a series 6 to to just mutual funds and variable products.  Other licenses you may need are a series 63 that allows you to do out of state sales, or a series 65 to be a investment advisor, or you may even need a life insurance license.

In the end when you’re getting started in a career in financial services know the companies requirements and what they are looking for and you will have much more likely chance of getting hired.

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