Should You Be an Internet Marketer Or A Blogger?

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OK, so there’s an important question you need to ask yourself before setting up any website you’re planning to make money from: Should you become an internet marketer or a blogger?

Now I’m sure there’s a few of you who are confused as to what the difference between the two are but bare with me, all will become apparent soon…

For those that aren’t sure, here’s what the differences are:

An internet marketer is a person who learns every thing about making money online. He’s not there to be witty or be loved by every one online, although he will be if it means making more money on some of his sites.

A blogger on the other hand is more about being social. He wants to make posts about things people will laugh at or love him for. He writes posts that people will be able to relate to on subjects in his chosen niche, and often talks about how doing things will lead to emotional reactions.

So which of the two do you think makes more money? That’s right, the internet marketer! While he should provide some thing that’s useful and informative to the reader, he also only dabbles in subjects that will make him money. He focuses on buying keywords rather then social ones, and by getting traffic from the right sources (Mainly search engines instead of social media) he picks up people that are ready to buy products making it a easier sale.

Bloggers and internet marketers however can learn from each other. Bloggers can use some of the marketer’s tactics to make money from their blogs, while internet marketers can use some of the tools that bloggers use to make money such as mailing list software (Not to be mailing list companies) and mailing list tips.

However you decide to handle your online money making, good luck.

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