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Using Pull Strategy to make a “not-so-popular” product go popular

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The popularity of products purely relies on the trend of the day and there is no hard and fast rule which can ensure the popularity of the product. Many different wholesale trade companies produce goods and circulate in the market but unfortunately though, not all of these products do well in the market.

The dilemma that some of the distributors find themselves facing is pretty nerve wrecking when they buy huge stocks of products that are destined to fail. Now there is a situation where the distributor who has bought the whole lot of products comes to know that the product is not doing well and retailers are returning the product. In this type of situation, the distributor can adopt certain marketing techniques, which will eventually make the product popular.

One of the techniques they can use is called the ‘Pull Strategy’. In this strategy, the consumers are motivated and a desire is generated in them to seek out the product. This is opposite of Push Strategy in which the product is heavily made available in market without much marketing. Before describing the pull strategy, you must know that the market is not running on the stats as we know. In the back end, there are business giants who are controlling the strings and changing the trends.

To build or to continue their business monarchy, marketers change the trends through unique and extensive marketing techniques. These tycoons target elite class and inject new trends through them while the middleclass, which also forms the majority, blindly follows it. This is called pull strategy as the demand for the product is generated within the public with the ‘pull’ factor, making people want something.

If the lot of product is very expensive and distributor thinks that he can spend much of the amount of profit in the marketing. He can produce a small commercial of his product and hire any popular personality as main character. The product will eventually get popular and people will start buying that product. Other than using media, affiliate marketing, free trials and discounted rates are also among pull strategies. Using online marketing such as uploading videos on YouTube and other video streaming websites, banner ads and article marketing are also part of pull strategy. To get best results the entrepreneurs should use the mixture of Push and Pull strategies.

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