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The manner of method of presenting business cards, whether they are translucent business cards or silver foil business cards, varies from country to country and culture to culture. In Japan, for instance, passing a card with both hands and bowing as you pass it, is the correct method. Using one hand and kind of flicking it to the other person, is considered ill mannered.

Many older Japanese business people, men especially, are surprised by the changes in business card design and material. Translucent business cards along with silver foil business cards are on the increase in Japan as more and more switch from the black and white cardboard 20th century model to the color plastic of the 21st century model. With these changes in business cards, one would expect the custom of presenting such cards to change also. Not the case in Japan. This country hangs on to tradition no matter what. The Japanese people, instead of letting a tradition or custom fade into the history of the country, keep said tradition and adapt it to modern lifestyle. Handing of money, business cards, documents and other “important” things is always done with two hands. One often sees surprise on the face of an older person who receives silver foil business cards, as traditionally this type of card didn’t exist, so he’s (it is usually a he) a little bewildered.

In other countries the presenting of business cards is a lot more casual. One hand is probably the normal method I imagine that it wouldn’t matter which culture or country one lived in, receiving translucent business cards or silver foil business cards would still be surprising. In the future, with designs of business cards changing so much, one wonders whether the Japanese will finally break from tradition and allow the handing of business cards, translucent or otherwise, to be performed one-handed. This writer very much doubts it.

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