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Make Money as a Social Media Marketer

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Did you know that you could be making money by interacting on the websites that you use every day? Facebook, Myspace, Twitter – all of these are highly utilized by the biggest brand names to get the word out about their products and services. Have you ever directed a friend to a website that sells the perfect shoes for a party, or bragged to buddies about your awesome new phone? Surprise – you already know how social network marketing works and you didn’t even know it!

Consumers power the social networks, and they are ultimately responsible for viral product buzz. Businesses use this opportunity to let their own products be known through friendly conversation, helpful recommendations, and positive interaction with existing and potential customers. As such, these businesses need intuitive marketers to manage their important social network presence.

Getting into the Business

Although social media marketing is online and allows entrepreneurs to earn money without investment, it can still be difficult for beginners to find their first gigs. Research the field, attend webinars, consult SMM blogs, and basically do whatever you can to get up to date. Once you are confident with your knowledge of the field you can begin exploring the various freelance and outsourcing job boards and making money!

Many upstart business owners are looking for entry-level social networkers because they have limited resources – be honest about your lack of experience but show other examples of your self-starter attitude. Don’t forget to ask if your work can be used in a portfolio! Great pay isn’t all that crucial at this point: this is about gaining experience and credibility. Learning how to make extra money on the side now can quickly turn into a career or even a business.

Making money with social network marketing is not easy work, but this career has infinite room to grow!

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