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Getting into the Mobile Kitchen Business

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Out of all of the business that people start, one of the more popular is running a mobile kitchen.  Why, you might ask?  The reason is quite simple.  First of all, the starting costs are relatively small compared to other similar business.  Second, this type of business is great for a family or even single person to operate.  Third, there are many, many opportunities out there.  Let’s take a closer look at what is involved in starting this type of business.

As far as costs are involved, there is simply no comparison between a mobile food vending operation and a stationary restaurant.  As anyone who has even looked into the restaurant business knows, by the time you rent, renovate, and set up a restaurant, you will have spent over $100,000 minimum in most cases.  As a comparison, you can find used mobile kitchens for sale for as little as $5,000, and for a bit more start-up capital, you can be open and bringing in cash.  This is one of the reasons why many successful restaurants first started out as mobile vendors.

While a normal restaurant will usually require a small army of personnel to run efficiently, you can actually get by in a kitchen truck all by yourself.  Yes, you will be tired and work very hard, but then again you won’t have to share the profits with anyone but yourself, and this is a great advantage.  If business starts to pick up to the point that you can’t handle everything yourself, there are no shortage of young, enthusiastic workers who would help you for a small hourly wage.  By starting out small with a used mobile kitchen like this, you are much better able to control your costs and build your business from the bottom up, and in a lot of situations, you will actually be more profitable than someone who opens a stationary restaurant and is burdened down with debt.

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