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The Keyword Academy for those of you that are unsure about what it is – Is a conglomerate of internet marketers that are working toward similar goals – the main goal being to make money via the internet – the world wide web. This article is designed to be an un-official review of the keyword academy. However, I won’t be mentioning the keyword academy again in this article until the very end where I will provide you with a link to their website and a chance to sign up for a zero cost 30 day trial.

Instead, what I plan to outline below is a process that really helped me to break down the boundaries of my own internet marketing career and finally make money. Not a lot – some.

The process involves learning to take action. So, what is action?

That is simple, too. Action is the performance of a task like writing articles and submitting them to article directories or websites. Another simple truth is that almost any actionable step has the potential to make you money. The fast track to having your actions make you even more money, though is to structure your actions in a way that gives you the best possible chance of producing results.

It is a known fact that the absence of structure is just the same as having a plan to fail.

Let me explain – Take a piece of wood, a hammer and a nail then hit the nail however many times necessary to drive it into your piece of wood. What has happened?

The answer being – your nail is now embedded firmly in your piece of wood. What have you learned?

I am guessing that you know the answer to this question, too. You have learned that if you perform a task that has a predictable result, you are less likely to fail! The next step is to take a bigger nail or a piece of harder wood then simply just rinse and repeat. Now, if you were a carpenter, you have probably built yourself a house.

The results are the same, it just required you to spend a little more time and a little more energy to achieve the same result. Is it the same, though? Essentially yes, but it is different in the way that a bigger nail is going to stay firmly embedded in your piece of wood for much longer.

All you need to do now is take the word NAIL and replace it with LINK, then take the word HAMMER and replace it with EYEBALLS or POTENTIAL CUSTOMER – Are the eyeballs even seeing your links?

Some of them will take the time to scroll through your article to find a link, but many of them will not!

That is why you need to create many, many more links in many, many different places to increase your chances of attracting potential customers. This creation of links is an action and it is also an action that many fail to follow through to the end.

Failure to follow a campaign through to the end is just laziness and ‘IF’ you are going to continue being lazy, then you might as well not even get out of bed. If on the other hand you are willing to learn how to take action and create a structured plan, then reading this article could very well be the best thing you have done today!

I am guessing that the best thing that anybody can do on any given day is to learn something useful.
Now for something that I can honestly guarantee that you will find to be super useful – A guaranteed way to make a few extra dollars – Sign up to The Keyword Academy and take advantage of their TKA free 30 day trial.

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