How to Improve your Business’ Local Search Visibility

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For small businesses, it pays to invest in an effective website marketing program.  Local search visibility is an oft-neglected aspect, but it is actually a significant method to increase conversion rates.  In internet marketing, landing on the first page of local search results is a highly-coveted position.  To improve your business’ local search visibility, here are a few helpful pointers:

  1. Create a local listing with the Google Local Business Center.  With Google as the primary search engine used by most internet users, it makes sense to include your business listing in their local business directories.  In addition, the Google Local Business Center has features that will allow you to reach potential customers through Google maps, monitor how often people view your local listing, update and modify your local listings at any time, and create printable coupons that could increase customer traffic.  In addition to Google listings, you also need to make sure that you submit listings to all relevant local search directories as well.
  2. On each of your web pages, be sure to include your complete business contact information which should include but is not limited to your business name, address and local phone number.  While including a toll-free number in also great, the local phone number must still be included because the inclusion of the area code will help improve local search results.
  3. While there is no need to include your city and state in all of your pages, it is a must to include it in the Title Meta Tag of the homepage and any other high-profile pages.  Another location where this information is crucial to be included is in the description meta tag.
  4. Find your local Better Business Bureau chapter and apply for linkages.  In addition, try to be accredited to other reputable business organizations as well.  By doing so, you will promote greater trust and reliability from the visitors to your site.
  5. With your website, the long-term goal to achieve credibility and authority from search engines is to increase the number of high-quality inbound links.  The more authority and credibility you have, the better your search ranking.  Link-building is a task that must be done consistently and continuously.
  6. If your business has garnered any local customer reviews or testimonials, be sure to have them listed as well.  Include the city and state at the end of each review.  It would even be better if you could provide links to reviews that have been published in local newspapers or aired over media stations.

Joana Chrystal Ventura-Moises is a freelance SEO expert.  In addition, she is also our resident consultant on plumbing and vessel sinks.  She contributes informative and creative blogs to websites such as the Hubpages and Plumbing Point.

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