Do’s and Don’ts – An Intern’s Guide To Professionalism!

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Internships are important. They are a student’s first step towards their professional life, towards the career of their choice. It is the entry point to their careers. If you have done a few relevant internships at good organizations during your academic life, potential employers tend to pay more attention to your resume and application.

Internships give you a more professional and practical understanding of how organizations work and of your chosen field. Books are great, but nothing beats good, hands-on experience. If you’re a student and are thinking of going for some internships, here are some do’s and don’ts that you definitely need to look at!

  • The more the merrier, but don’t go overboard. Make sure that whatever internships you go for are relevant to your field of interest.
  • Set goals for each internship as to what you want to accomplish with it and what you wish to gain. Figure out what you need to accomplish those goals and work accordingly.
  • Keep your expectations limited to learning. Most internships are not paid and the ones that are don’t pay that much either. Your goal has to be learning!
  • Be professional under all circumstances and expect the same from others around you.
  • Make sure you are eligible for the said internship before you expect to join from the following day. Make your application respectable, professional, and impressive. Convince the interviewer that you deserve it, and you are in. You have to do your homework and work for it.
  • If you have a strong network of links and references, use them!
  • Meet with your internship supervisor regularly and talk about your experiences or anything. You need to stay on good terms with them!
  • If you get the chance to go beyond the internship and get more experience from it, say yes. The information and knowledge you gain this way is invaluable.
  • Exposure is your best friend during internships. Get to know as many people from the organization as you can, and make sure they like you!
  • If you are scratching your head about something, ask someone about it. You are there to learn so new skills, models and methodologies should be on your list of things to learn!
  • Look for a mentor in the organization so that they can groom you and train you even better. They help you grow tremendously.
  • Every internship is an opportunity to learn new skills, gain better understanding of things, and certificates. Make sure you get all of these from each!
  • Job fairs, career expos, and HR events are all crucial for your professional growth. Recruiting services such as are great tools as well. Take advantage of them!
  • Most colleges and universities have good placement departments and career services offices. Use them as much as you can.
  • Your cover letter, resume, and interviewing skills must be top notch. Polish yourself, paperwork and all, and you will nail every internship or job you apply for.

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