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Common Problems with Reputation Management

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The internet has finally gone mainstream, and for many people it has been integrated so much into their lives that they no longer know how to properly live without it. With it becoming such a big and important tool, you have to be very concerned with the way that you are portrayed on the internet. Many people are concerned about their professional reputation, and this reputation is no longer just built through the way you conduct yourself in the office. Those who are concerned with reputation management must also pay attention to the reputation that they have built on the internet. This type of online reputation management can be a full time job in itself, and without a little bit of research you may find yourself running into common problems.

Some Problems with Online Reputation

Sometimes there are groups out there that just don’t like you or your business. For whatever reason they feel snubbed, and they will work hard to try and ruin your online reputation. They will follow you all around the internet and try to post scathing reviews and negative comments on all of your blog posts. This can be a problem that is very difficult to deal with.  This isn’t the only type of problem that people will cause for you. Some people will start to take over the domains that your company may be looking to buy. Every company wants the .com name that is associated with the business name, but domain name squatters will sit on the domain name and charge an outrageous fee to transfer ownership of the domain name to you.

How to Deal with Competition

There are some problems that you simply can’t deal with. Many times the people who specifically attack other people and companies that are trying to build their online reputation are experts in the field and know exactly how to counter anything you try to do to stop their efforts. In this case, you need to fight fire with fire. You will need to go out and hire professionals in the online reputation field to prevent this from ruining your reputation.

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Robin Foster August 31, 2011 at 1:33 am

These are great! I’m encouraged to keep reading! Your writing style is excellent and so is the layout of your site! So much to learn and review and keep in mind all of the time!


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