Business Idea: A Used Or New Food Concession Trailer For Your Business?

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We have previously covered the idea of buying a used mobile kitchen as a valid business start-up and there are many related uses for these types of kitchens.

Have you ever tried having carnival food? You know, that tasty food which includes funnel cakes, cotton candies, and corn dogs. These kinds of food are mostly sold at county and state fairs. Millions of people love these kinds of food. You can make huge money by selling these kinds of products. The first step you will need to do is purchase a concession stand or a food concession trailer.

There are various types and sizes of food concession trailers available in the market such as stationary concession stands to mobile catering trucks. First, you must decide on the type and size of the food concession which can meet your requirements. This will be dependent on the type of food products you will be selling. The trailers typically come with refrigerators, freezers, ovens, fryers and sinks. Choose a food product which you will be comfortable working with because that will be the core of your business. If you do not like working with hot boiling oil, then do not sell French fries, fried dough and other items which require a fryer. Choose a food, beverage or a snack product which has a nice mark up and the potentials for generating profits for your business.

Should you buy a new or used concession trailer? This is a huge question. As you know, starting your own new business costs money. If you want to save a valuable amount of money, you can purchase a used food concession trailer. One of the downfalls of buying a used food trailer is that it will either have limited or no warranty at all. New trailers come with a 1-year or more warranty. Some sellers of new trailers provide financing plans. The appliances included in the new trailers also come with their own factory warranties and should last at least 3 years.

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