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Are Business Cards Useful in the Digital Age?

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With the rise of internet marketing, questions have been raised about the necessity for business card printing. However, despite the sceptics, it is clear that business cards can function where the internet cannot. Some advantages to business cards are their personal nature and easy portability. Professional printing services can ensure that cards are functional and useful in every situation.

Business Cards are More Personal

Business card printing is one of the most productive methods of promoting a business. It is a relatively inexpensive way of advertising. Business cards have an advantage over online advertisement because of their personal nature. When greeting a contact at a social or professional function, it is useful to be able to produce a business card. Unlike an online contact which is impersonal and anonymous, a business card is a personal way to introduce the company and associate it with a human face.

Business Cards are Cheaper and Less Labour Intensive than a Webpage

Printing business cards with a professional printing service is a cheaper way of marketing than a web page for example. A web page involves continuous updating and is more labour intensive than a business card. It also requires regular payment of fees.

Professional printing companies, on the other hand, can produce bulk print runs of business cards for a set price. These can then be used over a long period of time without further expense.

Business Cards are Portable

Advertising online through social networking or through a website is confined to a computer or phone with internet access. However, business cards are portable and can be referred to at any place or time. For example, if a person at work, with no access to a computer, wants to contact a firm, they can look at a business card for information.

Business Cards are Lasting

Many businesses are utilising blogs or social networking for advertising purposes. However, these types of promotion are temporary. A blog post or social networking post is quickly overwhelmed by others. It requires constant updating to maintain a high position on search engines.

However, a business card is lasting. Its information is permanently relevant.

Business Cards are More Memorable

Business cards carry associations of the places and people that provided them. Therefore they have a personal connection.

An internet post or web page is associated with a computer and an anonymous, impersonal writer. The personal nature of business cards makes them more memorable.

Business Cards are More Professional

The use of social networking for promotion can lead to problems. A social networking post often mixes the personal with the professional. The web is home to various people and often the anonymity of the internet will lead to negative emotional reactions by customers and companies.

A business card however, is always professional. There are few negative emotional reactions to a business card.

Business cards are a useful method to cultivate connections and promote business. A business card has a personal association which the internet does not have. It is unlikely that internet technology will supplant the humble business card.

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