Bulk SMS From Txtwire: The Evolution Of Text Messaging

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The popularity of text messaging is exasperating; people everywhere are seen with their thumbs busily typing on their cellular phones. Txtwire offers bulk SMS, taking text messaging to a new level. Portable marketing solutions, communication, and emergency alerts from txtwire give text messaging a new purpose; and the benefits are impacting users of all kinds.

Now retailers text message their customers coupons, and alert them of new discounts and special offers. In addition, they take control of their inventory by alerting customers of clearance sales. They can also inform employees of team meetings and schedule changes.

Who Can Use Bulk SMS?

Similarly, restaurants send coupons to their regulars. If it is cold or rainy, they can send special rainy day offers to create more traffic. They can also remind customers of birthday specials.

Realtors can communicate with their customers on the go, they text message home descriptions and links to virtual tours. They also generate a larger customer base by sending new property listings.

Professional establishments such as medical facilities, salons, and automotive shops use bulk SMS to send appointment reminders. They can also send promotion notifications, pick up times and payment reminders. Churches are using txtwire to send activity, service, and meeting reminders as well as inspirational messages.

Governments and municipalities send community and city council meeting reminders. They can also notify the public of severe weather and road closings. Schools can notify parents and students of closings, events, and sports event cancellations. Meeting and testing reminders are made easy with txtwire. They can also promote fundraising by sending alerts.

The capabilities of technology are astounding. Txtwire’s bulk SMS is the evolution of text messaging. It was once a very modest aspect of technology, simply being a way for friends and families to communicate. Now the whole world is utilizing it to build business and community.

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